Chapter 68 officers


Gary Karibian, President

I have proudly served as Chapter President of NTEU Chapter 68 since 2013.  During my tenure I have worked hard to ensure that members’ voices are heard at the highest levels of management and at NTEU National.  I have been involved in every aspect of local representation including filing grievances, oral replies, arbitrations as well as representing employees at investigatory meetings with TIGTA and Management.  I have won grievances and appeals leading to back pay, reductions and eliminations of suspensions and reversing proposals of terminations.  I believe my first responsibility is to the employees of Chapter 68.  Through my leadership, I have been given unique responsibilities by National NTEU which only serves to expand your voices.  I was appointed by NTEU’s National President as one of four NTEU members to serve on the Executive Engagement Committee working with National IRS Executives to solve many of your concerns.  I have also served on several negotiating teams including the 2016 and 2019 contracts.  During the 2019 contract, I was called upon to negotiate for 5 weeks including the crucial Mediation/Arbitration session.  I recognize that a great leader surrounds him/herself with great people who can work towards the results you need and deserve.  That’s why I continue to run with the hard-working members of Team Karibian/Zangari and look forward to representing you for another term!  

Maria Zangari, Executive Vice President

I have been with the IRS for 24 years.  I have held positions in submission processing, adjustments, electronic filing, unpostables, CET in Exam and most recently as a TCO.  Over the last 17 years my proudest role has been as an NTEU Chapter Steward.  I have handled every type of case a steward can be assigned including Oral Replies, Negotiations, EEO cases, TIGTA Interviews and Arbitrations. My biggest pet peeve is a manager yelling at an employee!  I just won’t stand for it! For those of you who know me, you know that I do not back down from any challenge.  I stand up and fiercely defend all Members on any issue in front of any adversary.  For those of you who do not know me, I look forward to meeting you and to the opportunity of providing you with the top notch representation that you deserve.  I have served as Chapter 68’s Executive Vice President since 2013 and I am excited to continue working with our members. 

Beth Willwerth, Secretary

My name is Beth Willwerth and I am happy to be your Chapter 68 Secretary. I have been an NTEU member since 2009, a steward since 2014, and have been working in the NTEU office on a part-time basis since 2017. I am a steward because I want to help ensure that management honors the contract and treats employees with dignity and respect.  As a steward I have assisted many of you with the FMLA process, leave issues, the reasonable accommodation process, grievance filings, and regularly representing Chapter 68 in 7114 meetings.  I have also prepared and hosted FMLA lunch & learns and helped to organize events such as Labor Recognition and the 80th anniversary celebration in 2018. As Chapter 68 Secretary I will continue to give our members a voice in the workplace, ensure the contract is being honored and to represent your interests daily! 

Noelia Batista, Treasurer

I have served as NTEU Chapter 68’s Treasurer since 2013 and as the day shift Chief Steward since 2015.  As Treasurer I have a duty to the members to make sure the checking account is accurate and that every dollar spent is accounted for.  I have kept exact records and have filed tax forms on time and have accurately safeguarded the member’s finances.  As Chief Steward I have also served the Chapter by filing grievances, administering EEO complaints, TIGTA investigations, Oral Replies and winning Arbitrations!  I also am responsible for all day shift stewards, their training and their accountability to the members.  I have gained so much experience in these positions and I look forward to utilizing this expertise over the next 3 years for you!

Robert MacFarlane, Executive Coordinator

I have personally filed and handled over 130 grievances since becoming one of the two Chief Stewards in 2012.  I have also represented dozens of employees at oral replies for disciplinary and adverse actions, and at TIGTA and management investigatory interviews.  I have been the Executive Coordinator for Chapter 68 since 2013 and have gained experience in all aspects of what Chapter 68 does.  I take my role as a chapter leader very seriously and love helping NTEU members in any way possible.  I have a true passion to represent members against injustice.  I love what I do, and I love serving the members of Chapter 68.  I look forward to serving you for the next 3 years!

Nell Arndt, Membership Trustee

I have served as the Membership Trustee and legislative coordinator over the past 3 years. I have been instrumental in building relationships with the NH and MA Congressional Delegations.  During the shutdown we worked with the delegations to schedule meetings, press conferences and offer round the clock assistance to their constituents and our members. I’ve led the Chapter’s legislative engagement, which is well recognized by National NTEU’s Legislative Staff.  We partake in Grassroots activities such as letter writing contests, petition drives, rallies, GOTV (Getting Out The Vote) and scheduling meetings with local elected officials and staff to convey key issues impacting federal employees. I’m a passionate activist and spokesperson. Most recently, I was appointed by NTEU for a second time, as a member of the Legislative Advisory Committee which set the 2019 Legislative Agenda for NTEU’s Legislative Conference..

Barbara (Thomas) Doumaney , Membership Trustee

I’ve worked for the IRS for over 22 years splitting time between day and night shift. I have in depth knowledge of both the National Agreement and the CSA. I’m one of the longest serving stewards on the cadre with about 21 years of experience in NTEU. I use the knowledge I have gained from those years to advocate for your member rights and battle for the needs and respect members deserve. I have been involved in every type of case imaginable including harassment, EEO, Annual Appraisals, Leave, FMLA, Reasonable Accommodations and the list goes on... I not only serve as a chapter steward, I have been on the Executive Board for 6 years having served as Chapter Secretary for 3 years and Membership Trustee for the last three.  Along with the other members of the board, I take employee rights personally and I tell it like it is when upholding the contract!