Chapter 68 Legislative Committee

Our Mission



Our mission is to educate NTEU Chapter 68 members about legislation which impacts federal employees and retirees and to connect them with legislators who enact such legislation. 

“Federal employees need to understand that being a NTEU Chapter 68 member is not all there is to the union. All federal employees need to have their voices heard on Capitol Hill and the union’s legislative efforts is set for just that, so our voices can be heard and our rights protected”, Nell Arndt, NTEU Chapter 68 Legislative Coordinator 

NTEU United Legislative Conference


Nearly 400 federal employees from around the country gathered on Capitol Hill in March for NTEU's 2019 Legislative Conference to encourage members of Congress to protect federal pay and benefits, support agency missions and ensure fairness in the government workplace.

NTEU National President Tony Reardon welcomed the union members to Washington and saluted their activism.

DC Rally " America Runs on Unions"


Thank you to all our NTEU members at the 2019 Legislative Conference for meeting with members of Congress and explaining what federal employees need to be successful. After hundreds of meetings and a loud, spirited rally, there was no doubt that NTEU was in the House (and Senate) this week.


Congressional Visit

NTEU representation of employees goes well beyond the walls of the buildings we are in.  This is why we always advise employees that even if you never have to ask NTEU a question or never have an issue, you should still be a member.  Our efforts with Congressional Delegations across the country help IRS employees daily by protecting pay and benefits as well as protecting your right to collectively bargain.  We invited Congresswoman Trahan and Representative Nguyen to our office so we could help educate them on what IRS employees do in their district.  It was a great opportunity for them to better understand our needs as federal employees so they can legislate stronger workplace protections, fair pay as well as better funding! 

Communication with legislators like our Senators, Congresspeople and State and Local Reps is always very important.  Too often we think that our voices don’t matter when in fact, they are a huge influence on these legislators.  As NTEU representatives, we have a lot of face time with these legislators.  Having Congresswoman Trahan and State Rep Nguyen here gave that same opportunity to our employees to voice their personal concerns and their feelings about being an IRS employee.  As our NTEU National President has always said, as “Federal Employees everything we have is voted on by those who are elected.”  Hearing directly from employees who are affected by their legislation cannot be understated. 

I believe that employees got a sense that although these women were legislators, they were real people who are here to serve and help.  They were no longer these untouchable individuals who did not care about their concerns.  Once you have that connection, it gives employees a sense of empowerment that they are the ones who drive the legislation.  Their voices are truly important.

NH & MA congressional meetings

Congresswoman Lori Trahan


Petitions for 3.6% pay raise for 2020 & 12 weeks of Paid Family Leave delivered this morning to Congresswoman Lori Trahan’s Lowell office & met with Sara Khun Leng, Director of Constituents Services. Our heartfelt thanks to the hundreds of federal workers at ANSC for engaging in this great event!

NHDP Quarterly Forum Congressman Chris Pappas


Chapter 68 Legislative Leader discusss the importance of federal workers with Congressman Chris Pappas  at a quarterly forum held @ NHDP HQ Concord.

Senator Jeanne Shaheen

Spent the morning with Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s newly appointed Legislative Director, Michelle Cota

Spent the morning with Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s newly appointed Legislative Director, Michelle Cota talking about pay raise and paid family leave. She’s extremely supportive of both bills.

Congressman Joe Kennedy


Chapter Legislative Leaders from chapters 68 & 288 (FDA) Kathy McAfoose & (IRS Andover) Nell Arndt met with Nick Clemons, Deputy Director from Congressman Joe Kennedy’s Newton MA office to discuss the importance of providing federal employees with a decent raise and 12 weeks of paid family leave. We asked the Congressman to cosponsor both bills!

Congressman Seth Moulton


Chapter Legislative Leaders from FDA Chapter 288 (Kathy McAfoose) and Chapter 68 IRS Andover (Nell Arndt) met with Anne Meeker and Rick Jakious from Congressman Seth Moulton’s Salem MA office to ask for cosponsorship in providing a 3.6% pay raise and 12 weeks of paid family leave to all federal employees! Great meeting all around!

Senator Maggie Hassan


Chapter Legislative Leaders Kathy McAfoose FDA Chapter 288 & 68 IRS Andover Nell Arndt met with Corey Garry & Jennifer Kuzma Legislative Staff from Senator Maggie Hassan asking for cosponsorship on pay and family leave. Very productive meeting..

Senator Elizabeth Warren


Chapter 68 Leaders met with Nairoby Gabriel, Legislative Staff from Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Boston District to give her a tour of Andover Service Center & discuss the importance of providing 12 weeks of Paid Family Leave to federal employees! Great meeting!